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Reporting here a weird behavior on our server.
I created a mission for our actual campaign. The mission work well. But when loading it yesterday on our server, a lot of ground AI (flak and cars) were missing. and radar too was not working.

Looking at tacview and on spectator, I notice the object were not working because they were not there !
But going back in editor, object are there. And today, laucing again the map, the mission started fine with the missing object from yesterday correcctly present.

I don't know why it do this. It's I think the second time I got this trouble on 3 missions.
Hope you can help me.

This link contain
- DCS log from server,
- The mission file,
- Server Track from the mission that got problem,
- Server Track from my test when a restart mission today (that seems ok),
- Readme that contain the information to find the loading of both the mission in the log.


(Server wasn't restart between the two launch as you can see. But some mission were lauched manually / automatically)



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