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Ottoman campaign: possible mission breaking bug

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Not sure which mission this is, but it is the one where you must take off empty from Batumi. There are fuel trucks preventing your wingmen from taxi'ing. 

When Batumi Tower finally moves the truck, the one in front of Nightmare 1-2 stays there. Therefore, Nightmare 1-2 never takes off.

After that, you are asked to go scout where Norsemen is, with Nightmare 1-2 (you order 1-3 and 1-4 to head back to base). I flew to Norsemen (which is still at the same waypoint from the previous mission), and nothing triggered. Stayed above them until I was bingo fuel and had nothing.

I wonder if Nightmare 1-2 has to be there for the triggers to work.

Kinda sucks cause I was enjoying the campaign, but without knowing if I'm supposed to be able to still do it without my wingman, I prefer to just put it on hold.

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