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Well thought out controls (HORNET module level)

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Please include more control options for switches and add axis for lights, Yaw Trim etc.

One example for comparison, HORNET module has 7 options for one switch:


FLIR Switch-Down
FLIR Switch-Off
FLIR Switch-On
FLIR Switch-Up

and most important


The A10c Master switch has only 3 not very useful options:
Master switch ARM
Master switch TRAIN
Master switch SAFE

It would be better to have "Master switch ARM\SAFE" and "Master switch TRAIN\SAFE"


A10C II Tank Killer module is a real masterpiece, but control options are well below the level set by the person who created controls for HORNET.

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And this really needs to be standardized along all DCS (ED and 3rd party) modules finally. I simply did not buy a range of modules because of those horrible controls options (namely FC3 style "toggles" for literally everything in the pit). I'm so tired to work myself through and customize those damn lua files and sink hours and hours into making TARGET profiles for my TMWH.


These Master arm switch settings mentioned above make (only) sense if you have a 3-way switch with three actual contacts on it. The TMWH throttle LASTE panel for example got a 3-way switch (Autopilot mode), but only the up and the down position got a contact, the middle position does not send any signal and hence can not have any control bound to it (effectively a 2-way switch with a dead middle position).

If one would want to put the master switch there, the available options indeed would be completely useless... well... unless one digs through the horrible TARGET software and sets up a software-side press/release logic to make this work.





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I agree the Hog lacks a lot of bindings. I have added about 30 lines to my "default.lua" although some of those were created to help others.

For the master arm switch I created two lines that work as dukovac suggested:

{down = iCommandPlaneAHCPMasterArm, up = iCommandPlaneAHCPMasterSafe,name = _('Master switch 3-Pos ARM/SAFE'), category = _('Armament HUD Control Panel')},
{down = iCommandPlaneAHCPMasterTrain, up = iCommandPlaneAHCPMasterSafe, name = _('Master switch 3-Pos TRAIN/SAFE'), category = _('Armament HUD Control Panel')},

Personally I only use the first line because I don't need the "training"mode. So it requires only a simple maintained ON/OFF switch on my button box.

If you wanted to use the commands with the TM-WH throttle you'd need to add the line(s) to "Throttle - HOTAS Warthog.lua"

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