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MCG Ultimate - Not Communicating - Might be the Firmware

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Just in case anybody else encounters what happened to me and panics


So plugged in the new grip and checked in VKB_Dev_Config..................nothing the grip wasn't being recognized, the Gunfighter base was, this was a new problem I had never encountered.


No buttons recognized, nor the analogue lever and none of the LEDs on the grip were lit.


After going through all the usual hardware checks, plugs, seating on the base and the extension etc: I started to Google and apparently this has happened with earlier MCG grips prior to the Ultimate.


Onto VKB North America a big shout out to @AeroGator at this point for making it so easy to grab all the latest software manuals and firmware, not to mention his awesome How To's on You Tube. Superb stuff and thank you, as VKB instructions tend to be on the (Ahem!!) succinct side.


After downloading the firmware package which gives all the latest firmware currrently available and unzipping, I located _BlackBox_GF_MCG_Ultimate_v2_02_5, there is a different version for those with the twist function.


Flashed it and now all working.................Whew!!!

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Yes, whenever you swap a grip with another, you'll have to also flash the grip's firmware accordingly. 

  • When you replace your current grip with a new or different grip, the BlackBox sees this new grip as a malfunctioning previous grip, hence the flashing red light on the BlackBox.
  • To enable the Gunfighter's BlackBox to recognize your new grip, there is a grip-specific firmware which you have to flash first.
  • Once the grip-specific firmware is flashed, you need to reset your Gunfighter's BlackBox configuration to "DEFAULT", so your new grip can start communicating with the Gunfighter's base.
  • Calibrating your Gunfighter w/ the new grip is the final step.
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