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For too long has the cow been a simple "static object", cursed to be out standing in it's field and be a mere witness to the world around it. Corralled in one place to watch as it's blue or red country men moove and fight and be butchered without being able to take stock of the situation from another angle. Denied the udderly basic right to explore. NO WHEY, I say! This is a miss steak! It is time for the dairy queens to be herd! To be a full "ground unit" with waypoints, groups, and late activations! To have free range of the map! To... okay, I'm over mooing it.

I think it would behoove the community to have some better control over the cows in the mission editor. Short of using MOOSE (sorry) or MIST, we're unable to do much with the cows other than fire some triggers on their death. Our discord group uses the cows for our bullseye (not sorry) and like to add small easter eggs in the missions involving the cows. It'd be great to be able to assign waypoints and have the cows act more like a ground unit.

A low priority for sure, but if it's easy to change it's classification to an unarmed ground unit, that'd be great!

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