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Also loving the Gaz... BEGGING POLYCHOP to add huey type doorgunner functionality!!!

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I bought the Gaz when it first came out.

didnt play it much, but bought it to support the dev's

also i was building sim pit stuff at the time.

then later multicrew features were added, and i bought extra copy...still didnt really play it.

then i  think 2.5 came out, 

i flew the gaz, got so dizzy in VR i didnt go back to it.


fast forward to 2021.

the multicrew huey uh1h patch comes out, i spend 5 weeks building DIY doorguns and having a blast using the miniguns on the huey..

my boss picks up the huey to learn to fly helos, but he isnt great at it, so now i am spending time flying the huey to help him with landings and practicing my own flying..


TODAY i try the gaz...

Im like WOW.. this thing is so agile and manuverable... 

also reduce the cyclic saturation to 60% after watching someone who was a gaz pilot talk about how the joystick curves need to be adjusted since most users dont have a long shaft joystick.

so proper joystick settings and probably the reverb G2 made the gaz experience... AMAZING


so now i beg poly chop to add the proper doorgunner support (especially for VR) to the gazelle....

me and my boss are hungry for great multiseat helo's

basically, much needed are:

1) allow mapping of the left/right and up/down axis assignments to joysticks

2) de-couple the player view from the doorgun

3) external gaz model is complete so that someone in the doorgun position looking at the gaz will see a complete model (last i checked, there were empty polygon anomalies and see thru fuselage areas of the gaz)


its awesome that this aircraft has an RWR.. and a NS430 !!!!!

please make this air platform complete!!!!

(begging on knees)



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find me on steam! username: Hannibal_A101A


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