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Fly as a Rio with an AI pilot.

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F-14? Although it is somewhat limited . . . .

Alien desktop PC, Intel i7-8700 CPU@3.20GHz 6 Core, Nvidia GTX 1070, 16GB RAM. TM Warthog stick and Throttles. Saitek ProFlight pedals.

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We have AI capable of flying and engaging and doing somewhat sensible stuff as it stands(If you leave the aircraft "unmanned" and as an AI opponent or ally). Just jump in any jet and fly with or against an F14, and they do attack and do what all other AI does.
THAT is what would be awesome if the jet could do whilst sitting as a RIO.

I understand that that would require fleshing out Iceman to react to your locking and radar work. There are lots of challenges with this I presume. It would take quite a long time to develop too i think. I don't know though.

This seems to be a quick fix at first glance, but when you think about it, there is much to consider to make this a natural feeling and a good workflow as a RIO with an AI pilot.

I am however willing to pay extra for this to be developed.

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