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Can't Bind any Controls?? Thrustmaster T.160000

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I'm fairly new to DCS and struggling with my new P-47.  I have the Thrustmaster T.160000M Hotas with the TFRP pedals.  I have the most resent version of DCS Open Beta.  I fly the F-18C and the Trainer P-51 and I have had no problems assigning controls to my Hotas. In fact the trainer P-51 had most things assigned by default, the P-47 has nothing.  I was able to get basic flight controls assigned, but that's it. For some reason in the Assignment Panel it is not recognizing any of the buttons on my Hotas.    An example is Trim (see screen shot), on the P-51 the trim was assigned to the Stick Hat by default.  when I try to assign the aileron trim to the same button with the P-47 I only have the 4 primary axis controls available. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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It is because you try to assign axis function to the button.

To assign trim controls to the Stick Hat (buttons) you must open "Flight controls" menu, and not "Axis commands".


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I think I have it worked out.. Apparently controls will bind in some areas but not others.  I could bind the Trim in the flight control section, but not the Axis Control section, even though it's listed in both. 

Thanks Saburo!  I figured it out as you were typing your response.  


Thanks for the help

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