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Hello everyone, 


With the 2.7 update I will update the campaign to support the newly added clouds. I will take this opportunity and add couple of features to this campaign. 


-skip mission option. the player will have the option to skip a mission at the beginning of a mission using the F10 radio menu 

-I'll re-do the "Mission Win" criteria so it's not tied so close to the aircraft being stopped and with chokes on

-adjusting the weather and the fog in some of the missions 

-other improvements regarding AI airplanes


All these should be ready after the 2.7 update launch. See you out there with the new clouds. 




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Hello guys, 


The new updates have been submitted to ED. Here's what to expect: 


- skip mission feature added 

- win criteria changed to be more permissive after landing 

- weather adjusted according to the new clouds and precipitation 

- AI level tweaked in some of the missions 

- TACAN introduced at mission 8. Each missions will have one or two TACAN stations for the airports that are relevant to the missions. FREQ and identification in briefings. 




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Hi guys, 


Unfortunately the updates I sent to Eagle Dynamics did not make into this release, I'm trying to clarify with the guys when they will be introduced. Sorry for the delay on this one. I hope it will make it into the update soon. 


With the new clouds some of the missions may be too difficult to fly and the target areas may be obscured by clouds. As soon as I know more I'll let you know. 




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