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I'm setting up a custom button box with rotary encoders to control the dials in the Viggen, I can map the Master mode, the ternav data select knob and the weapons select knob but not the dial next to weapons select that controls the spacing for bomb releases. Is any mapping available for that? I cant find any ref to it in the controls options?  

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OK cool, post is dated Oct 2018, thats 2.5 yrs and no progress. I delved into some threads on the DIY cockpit subforum, there's posts about breaking into (editing)the lua files to add differnt keybindings and controller actions for stuff currently not mapped, I wondered if there was any experience to draw on here for that?

I'll have to revisit some old posts from last year to investigate further.

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Hi Sprool. 

Some info that might be helpful but not directly on target. That Rotary selector is controllable from LUA in DCS export environment.
Sending a GetDevice(2):performClickableAction(3302, n), where "n" is  a decimal value in range {0, 0.1, 0.2, 0,3.. .. 0.9, 1} (11 steps) will set that selector to a fixed position. 


Using either a Rotary or Encoder "switch" and a add-on software as DCS:BIOS, Oakes script, Helios etc can send controls to DCS, but for the alternative keybindings I'm kinda (really) lost. I'm using Oakes scripts for this due to demands but DCS:BIOS would be my first option for a generic setup otherwise.

If there's a way to bind a LUA command to a keybind there is a way forward. Looking in the AJS37 module clickabledata.lua, I can't find choice for step up/step down values though.


A Rotary (with 'break before make' 12 pos selector with individual electric connections per position), is then probably the easiest way but eats input ports, An Encoder takes only two input ports, but requires additional support by both hardware and configuration in the application.



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