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I’ve been thinking about getting the Viggen but am concerned about the learning curve. She’s got a unique computer does that take much time to learn? Also does the cockpit come with English language labels? 

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Hi Q3ark,


hmm. Well the Nav/Attack computer takes some getting used to , or better put , some reading of the manual to get the details. (yes there are lots of video tutorials on youtube too)

but I still highly recommend diving into the manual. 

That being said, once you got your head wrapped around it, its pretty logically designed, except for minor quirks. Its not a difficult system per se , nor does it takes tons of programming to set up an efficient navigation  or attack run .Actually you can get going pretty fast , once you got the basics down.

Plus in DCS you have the option of putting  down a route via markpoints in F10 map and then quick-loading it into the nav computer via data cartridge.

I would say medium learning curve, mostly due to the fact, that it is very different from the other aircraft / cockpit designs out there. But its not rocket science .


Overall , if you like older aircraft , low level ground attack & anti-ship strikes and single pass attacks , I highly recommend the Viggen. Its a well done fun aircraft and it will likely be even better once out of EA.


The cockpit is labeled in swedish, but you'll quickly learn the most important switches by their positions. Its no big deal.


Just a bit of practice.


Kind regards,




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It does take some flying skill because flying low level and fast while dropping unguided ordnance doesn't leave a lot of margin for error.  I have found it an enjoyable and sometimes frustrating challenge that required me to practice and pay close attention to maintaining the speed and altitude envelope during attack runs.

"Subsonic is below Mach 1, supersonic is up to Mach 5. Above Mach 5 is hypersonic. And reentry from space, well, that's like Mach a lot."

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