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Anyone knows how to drop parachute bombs accuratly?

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Hello there,

Anyone knows well about bombing 'BETAB-500ShP' or 'FAB 250 M54 TU' parachute on ?

I am sure they are not drop on point of Gyro or MSL CCIP what so ever...

Not sure how to drop properly and not easy to hit the target even near by.


So What I do is..., Fly very low and slow like 300m from ground Speed 500km/h and when I just pass above targets

release them. It seems able to hit the targets around.

However, Between BeTab and FAB are about 50m different drop point in the same condition !!!

Is that the only way to drop them to target? very low altitude and low speed where all AK 47 fire on me ?

Please give me some advice how to drop parachute bombs pin point accurate in MiG 21 !!!





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7 hours ago, corn322 said:

We have some charts for bombs, guns, and rockets here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/189729-level-bombing-chart/

Take note that the old ASP angles knob used to only go to 7, the new one goes to 11. So multiply angles on those charts by about 1.6.


For the FAB250 M54 I fly this profile: Height 50m, speed 1000kph. Sight set to 6.5°.

Oh, Thank!! It seems much complecated jobs then I thoughts but very close from what I did.

How realistic DCS is!!! Thanks for info 🙂

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