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AUTO SEQ Couple, HUD indication

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Again, not wishing to pick apart a unreleased feature but when the CPLD mode is selected in combination with AUTO and a SEQ, the HUD should show CPL SEQ # (where # is 1/2/3, depending on Sequence). Wag's video showed 'CPL WYPT' even when in auto seq.


The bottom right data block should show a SEQ lateral deviation (nm) as well i.e '0.6S' when in AUTO SEQ. (It correctly does this when a CSEL is made, but should also do it in auto seq.)



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This is described mostly in paragraph " Coupled Auto Sequential Steering (MC OFP 13C AND UP)", page VII-24-47 (753 of the pdf), of the usual public NATOPS manual (A1-F18AC-NFM-000).

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