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Adrian858's Stowable Mini-Pit

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Hey everyone,



Thought I'd share my flight setup for DCS. I started building on this project last year when I bought a new house with my wife.


As I also play a variety of other games, and usually switch between different aircraft in DCS, I needed something that was both functional and non-intrusive. My wife's desk is to the left of mine where she plays games as well, including DCS when we occasionally fly together. I'd have made a permanent set-up in her space, but I think being able to game together is a reasonable trade-off!


The current setup includes a Koolertron Keyboard that I use as a UFC, and the Monstertech mount for the stick make it easy to move it over to the side for the Viper. When building this setup, it was made to be VR friendly.



Unstowed Without Chair:

Photo 2021-03-27, 22 49 58.jpg

Photo 2021-03-27, 22 49 08.jpgPhoto 2021-03-27, 22 48 40.jpg


Unstowed With Chair:

Photo 2021-03-27, 22 50 12.jpg

Photo 2021-03-27, 22 50 22.jpg


Closeup of peripherals:

The WinWing Take-Off panel can be swiveled inwards to avoid being in the way of the chair when I'm not flying.

Photo 2021-03-27, 22 51 20.jpg



Photo 2021-03-27, 22 57 09.jpg

Photo 2021-03-27, 22 57 59.jpg


Coming up, I'm looking to get a TekCreations armament switch that I can place beside the left MDF, and I may try to find a better solution for the throttle (maybe something that enables me to slide it out).


Hopefully this gives some people additional ideas for a stowable setup.



Thanks everyone!

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