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Is the flight dynamics ever gonna get fixed?

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Just curious if it is because its had the most unrealistic flight dynamics ever. We make fun of it cause it like  a radio controlled helo in an aerobatic competition. If you ever seen those, you'll know what I mean. Would be nice to see this helo updated though.

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10 hours ago, Buzzles said:

Yes, once they've finished the Kiowa:

Two weeks later, after facing community backlash, they said they would develop both in parallel instead of just leaving the Gazelle on the shelf.




Considering how the Gazelle isn't being updated, the Kiowa isn't out yet and wont be anytime soon because of the Mi-24 entering EA (staggered releases) I dont think the Gazelle will be updated in a long, long, long time.


So, as usual, expect very little from polychop and keep that in mind when considering the Kiowa.

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