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Anyone thinking of getting the Intel i7 11700k this week?

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I am building a new gaming PC this month (mainly just play DCS and Total War) and was going to get the 10th gen Intel i7 10700k for £280 but as the 11th Gen Intel i7 11700k is out this week I'm sort of tempted but it is £110 more. It is going to be paired with a my current GPU a RTX 2060 and 32GB 3600mhz RAM.


Early leaked units of the i7 11700k have show shockingly similar performance to the i7 10700k and even sometime worse in some games.



Maybe I will wait a few weeks until someone does a DCS benchmark (but I do want my new PC now!) , it will be interesting to see how it performs!


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instead of 11700K I just purchased a 10700K at a very nice discount this Friday (and MB+RAM to go with it). It's basically the same thing but without direct lanes for the SSD. If all of a sudden the 11th get proves to get few FPS more in DCS I will not be majorly upset



My pit build thread .

Simple and cheap UFC project

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My new 11600k cpu arrived today. I currently run a 3570k (!) so it won’t be anything but good for me, even if it’s a lame upgrade compared to more recent cpu releases eg 9700k/10700k/Ryzen 5600k. Doubt I’ll get more FPS but certainly will help keep what I get now more stable when lots going on.  Shame I doubt I’ll be able to upgrade from my gtx960 2gb anytime soon 😔

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Funny - in spite of "pooh-poohing" the 11700K above I just bought one.


But, the 10700k is staying in my DCS rig. The 11700k is going into one of my Linux workstations. I was eyeing the 10900k for this Linux machine but the 11700k seems to have similar multi-core performance as the 10900k AND it has a better, Xe based iGPU. That way I can slave the discrete GPU to a virtual machine and have the Linux host still be good enough for workstation tasks with Xe.


Use case and all that...



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