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AIM-9 turns off, Can not be turned back on


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With 4 AIM-9s loaded, using china hat aft to return to boresight and change station will cause the the AIM-9s to turn off.

If fired in this case the last AIM-9 will remain unusable. 


In the included track i am pressing china hat aft 3 times in a row, 

on DSMS page the aim9s gets switched to OFF status.  

After firing 3 missiles, the seeker circle on the hud for the fourth missile does not come back.


to reproduce, 

load 4 aim9s 

hold mastermode switch long to enter air to air mode

press china hat aft 3 times 

fire 3 missiles.




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Reported for checking, as far as I am aware china hat aft short should cycle the stations with AIM-9 selected. 




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