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Mirage 2000-C 2.7 Updates

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DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations
Fixed: HUD Waypoint course error ("house") jumps
Fixed: AP star HUD symbol
Fixed: VTB WP display in CADR AR mode
Fixed: Radar Altimeter minimum altitude switch range
Fixed: Green Radio 1 digit channel keyboard entry
Fixed: Emergency compass behavior
Fixed: Brightness curve for cockpit lights
Fixed: VTB WP off screen visibility
Fixed: AP oscillations at low speed
Fixed: engine in-flight restart after inverted flight
Fixed: INS Alignment must be done on a waypoint >=1
Fixed: VTB Bullseye Selector going too fast
Fixed: minimum HUD brightness and added a brightness curve for easier adjustment
Fixed: feeder tank ribbon levels
Fixed: UHF Main Mode knob rotation
Fixed: External tanks not refueling on ground
Fixed: PCA issue when switching BL and AG Radar modes back and forth
Fixed: Issues with PPA/PCA binds
Fixed: alignment status timings
Fixed: InFlight realign.
Fixed: double keypress on PCN with binds
Fixed: IDN and PCN symbols flickering
Fixed: CCRP-IP release cue
Fixed: bug causing HUD WP reticle at correct place with wrong INS alignment
Fixed: Waypoints position displayed on VTB is not affected by the INS drift
Fixed: VTB Waypoints can't be added if outside radar azimuth cone
Fixed: Bug causing VTB Waypoint system stuck when 5 waypoints are added
Fixed: Adding more than 5 waypoints to VTB does not remove the oldest one
Fixed: Can only add 4 waypoints to VTB instead of 5
Fixed: VTB WP persistence across flights
Fixed: Police light ON/OFF switch
Fixed: IFF set OFF on Air Start but still operates as if on
Fixed: Radar elevation bug - slow elevation increase
Fixed: CCRP turn cues
Fixed: Radar range switch limited to 80nm
Fixed: PCN ΔLatΔLon distance 1000 factor
Fixed: Wrong ΔAlt input in PCN
Fixed: green radio ch knob not turning when radio off (cosmetic)
Fixed: Wrong TWS Closing Velocity
Fixed: TACAN Bug
Fixed: FPM stutters in wake turbulences.
Added: INS switch on to Autostart sequence
Added: Added RD (desired route) to HUD
Added: Refuel log in kneeboard
Added: REC can be used on the ground
Added: brightness knob on PCN including test position
Added: Palette SNA (Magic Slave / INS Update) hides the ILS cue and synth runway
Added: Automatically sets CP and PD on a landing waypoint
Added: Desired glide indicator on the HUD in APP mode
Added: Manual Fuel Detotalizer (can be disabled in special options)
Added: Refuel quantity message at the end of refuel for manual detot update
Added: Automatic waypoint conversion to BAD offset if wp name contains #CONVERT_TO_BAD
Added: INS wind estimate CCRP correction.
Added: Trailing needles to GMeter (with reset).
Improved: INS accelerometer and gyro failures
Improved: INS power supply
Improved: Aux ADI pitch mouse wheel speed
Improved: PCN display
Improved: Pitch ladder & horizon uses drifted INS in instead of perfect angles;
Improved: ILS line. Added CP axis ILS line to HUD instead of the previous localizer dashed line.
Improved: AP APP HOLD mode to follow the ILS cue
Improved: Synthetic Runway created from ILS data and CP/PD info instead of mission editor
Improved: HUD ILS cues
Improved: Bingo fuel logic
Improved: All 20 waypoints enabled by default
Improved: CCRP bombing accuracy
Improved: HUD Heading tapes shows backup gyro if INS is off, and magnetic heading if both are off.
Improved: heading/pitch/roll functions.
Improved: HSI and ADI movements
Improved: INS drift with a more realistic model
Improved: Windspeed calculation based on INS speed and FM sensors
Improved: ALCM (fast alignment).
Improved: Caution lights knob “click” and profile.
Fixed and Improved: Time to Destination mode
Replaced "INS does dot need realign" option by "Fast Alignment (ALCM) enabled"
Adjusted Formation lights.
All campaigns have been updated for 2.7 features, including the clouds
Stock campaign (South Ossetia) updates:
- Added SPACE BAR option and instructions for radio checks in all missions.
- Fixed "gear up" call at mission start for M07.

- Updated M13: JTAC will now lase target correctly; removed the need to use DCS JTAC radio men.


The next update will see some big changes for our Mirage. In the last few months we mainly worked on the INS system, the PCN panel, the VTH (HUD), the autopilot and the fuel system and panel.

Fuel system and panel

In this update the fuel system has been updated to allow a more realistic behavior on the fuel panel. The changes that you will be seeing are to the DETOT mechanical display and the feeding tanks level display.

The DETOT mechanical display is now linked to the engine fuel flow meter and is not representing the real fuel level of the plane anymore. Its accuracy is dependent on it being set to the correct value when refueling. When spawning, the DETOT will be set to the correct value, but when refueling on the ground or in the air you will have to adjust it manually. There is a checkbox in the M-2000C special option menu to set the DETOT to automatic, reverting to the previous behavior. In order to help with the DETOT management, the kneeboard will contain the aircraft fuel quantity when starting or refueling on the ground and will provide the transferred fuel quantity when air refueling (you will have to do a bit of math here :)).

The feeding tanks level display will now follow the correct transfer logic, starting at 600Kg each and then dropping to 450kg when the external tanks are empty.




The biggest change in this update will be the INS and PCN overhaul, both systems have been mostly rewritten.

The INS now simulates the accelerometers and gyroscopes with noise and mechanical imperfections to create a realistic result that feeds information to the rest of the aircraft. This means that the drift rate is now non linear and won’t be the same each flight. The drift rate is now increasing with time as the gyros and accelerometers error gets bigger. With the full alignment, the drift starts at around 0.7nm/h, but after 1h of flight the aircraft will have drifted around 1nm.

The alignment process has also been overhauled to recreate the real one. It starts by finding the true north using the earth rotation, then it starts to vertically align the gyros. The longer the alignment process, the more precisely the gyros are aligned and the less drift they generate. The alignment precision is linear, stopping the process at the end of class 4 is better than stopping it at the start.

The PCN has been optimized and the way the information is displayed and entered is closer to reality. Inputs now don’t require all available fields to be filled. For example the altitude can now be inserted as [1] [5] [0] [INS] rather than [0] [0] [1] [5] [0] [INS] for 150ft. The coordinates input has also been changed to match the real PCN, the PCN will only display degrees, minutes and tenth of a minute while the system will take hundredth and thousandth of a minute.

The CP/PD parameters are now generated correctly from the editor if the waypoint is set to landing.

The brightness and test rotator is also now working.

The last big change on the PCN is with the BUT (waypoint) 00. Selecting BUT 00 in PREP mode displays the current aircraft’s coordinates, altitude and true heading but this BUT is read only and cannot be edited on the ground or in flight. This means that now in order to start the alignment process you have to select a BUT with your current coordinates and altitude set. The simplest solution for now is to use the BUT 20.

The “INS is always aligned” checkbox in the special option menu of the mirage have been replaced by a “Fast alignment (ALCM) ready” checkbox. With it checked, you will now need to do at minimum an ALCM before moving the aircraft for your INS to work and you can start the ALN or ALCM on the BUT 00 as the aircraft did not move since the last time it was stopped.


The VTH is still going through with the overhaul that will convert all the symbology to vectors that will improve the way it’s displayed and allow easier changes in the future.

The landing symbology has been updated with the addition of the Pente Désirée (desired slope) symbology that is taken from the PD parameter on the current DEST BUT. The PD is hidden when the ILS director is present on the VTH.

The ILS director (box on the VTH) has been updated and is now working as a real director, all you need to do is put the FPM inside the box and it will guide you on the ILS glide and localizer.

The synthetic runway has also been overhauled and can now be set from the plane. For it you need to set a BUT on the airport and configure the CP/PD parameters to the ones of the runway you want to land on. CP, Cap Piste (runway heading) being the runway heading in true north and PD being the ILS slope. Then you need to set this BUT as DEST, tune to the correct ILS frequency, set the correct QFE, be less than 10nm from the airport and the synthetic runway will display on the VTH. Be careful as a one degree error in the CP parameter will completely offset the projection.

The runway heading line is now working correctly and is using the CP parameter.

The “Magic Slave/AG Designate/INS Position Update” binding, also known as Palette SNA (navigation and weapon system paddle) will toggle the display of the ILS director and synthetic runway on the VTH.

The CCPL (CCRP) and CCPL+PI (INS bombing) have also been updated to be more realistic as well as taking wind into account. The wind correction will not be perfect as the plane only knows how the wind is at its altitude and position. The accuracy is still not perfect and will require more work.

The Route Désirée (desired track) has been implemented according to real documentation, it’s using the RD parameter in true north from the current DEST BUT.


The autopilot gains and laws in pich have been updated, fixing the oscillations at low speed and high AoA. It also resulted in a smoother attitude change when commanding pitch change with the trim hat or using the ALT AFF auto pilot.

The approach autopilot has also been updated and will follow the updated ILS symbology allowing the plane to do automatic approach in all conditions (don’t try to land with it !).


As this update is changing a lot, be sure to disable all your mods before updating and to activate them only when they are updated by their maker to avoid any problem.


These are the main changes that we have done to the Mirage for the next update, as you will see in the changelog there are also a lot of other smaller improvements and fixes. We hope your pilots like it.

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