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2021 Inbound Roster

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Just posted my hoped for 2021 shopping list (release schedule and wallet allowing)...




South Atlantic / Falklands


Something of a mix, but reflects my interests.  Feel fairly sure something has slipped my mind though 🤔


anything I’ve overlooked?


Theres the reputed ED “mind-blowing” announcement... for me neither the Fulcrum nor Apache quite met that billing...!


something from ED for Marianas?  In a modern setting Marianas seems like a map without a defining planeset 

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MiG-29A (I know, not 2021, but hey, its a DCS Wishlist after all)

Intel Core i7-10700K - ROG Strix Z490-H Gaming - 64GB Vengance LPX - RTX 3080 Eagle OC - non-VR - single player - open beta


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My guesses wrt 'mind blowing': 


- "Pilot walkabout": get out of vehicle/aircraft, walk around, and jump into vehicles standing around to control them (ground and air vehicles). Mayhaps get a gun and go Rambo (I hope not). 




- the first controllable ships


tadaaaaaaaaa! 🙂


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