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wrong textures of the pilots and the pilot helmets of the F-18C_hornet

Blue Angels Jet Team (helmet)
NAWDC black (helmet, pilot)
NAWDC blue (helmet, pilot)
NAWDC brown (helmet, pilot)
NSAWC brown splinter (helmet, pilot)
NSAWC gray (helmet, pilot)
VFA-106 (helmet, pilot)
VFA-106 high visibility (helmet, pilot)
VMFA-251 high visibility (helmet, pilot)
VMFA-312 (helmet, pilot)
VMFA-314 (helmet, pilot)
VMFAT-101 (helmet, pilot)
VMFAT-101 high visibility (helmet, pilot)
VMFAT-101 high visibility 2005 (helmet)
VX-31 CoNA (helmet, pilot)

the pixel size was not taken into account in the pilot textures. The pilot texture is therefore not in the area of 2048x2048. see image.
The helmet texture is the wrong one.





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That is hair-raising. You should just look at the mistake. The simplest remedy for this error is to delete the "false" entries in the affected description.lua, then the "true" entries are automatically loaded. The helmet textures are the wrong way round. For the pilot texture, cut out the pixel size 2048x2048 and create a new texture. That can't be that difficult. The notice from BIGNEWY in the above thread is from November 11th, 2020. The thread "Weird helmets textures?" was terminated by BIGNEWY on March 17th.

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Once a report has been made we do not need more reports, I have done everything I can to get the bug reported to the team, we just need to be patient.




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