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New problem - Re-Join me command via F10 not working..AI still crashes to ground..

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I am  on 5-th mission and after takeoff I order my CAP flights to rejoin me...I watched mission via TACVIEW...Whats the point of me succesfully hitting strike targets, when all of my four flights crashes to ground? I order them to rejoin, i order them to rtb - fish and pickles are gone..First aircraft from fish flight goes to ground, second one dissappears while clearly going slow and constantly losses altitude...Same with pickles...watch the TACVIEW at 14:19:25 time point...Is the problem in your campaign or is it problem with DCS AI ?


I am on the verge of asking for refund for your campaign..

Tacview-20210328-102749-DCS-Operation Pontus Stage 2.3_Rain.zip.acmi

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  • hreich changed the title to New problem - Re-Join me command via F10 not working..AI still crashes to ground..

Hey, this is actually a "feature" and not a bug 😀

Packages Fish and Pickles are not counted as losses in the campaign's background computation. They are disappearing through triggers on their way back to avoid any AI issues during their landing or so. If you see from your attached tacview file, they are getting out of the Area of interest and then dissapear 😉  


We had to take measures like this to avoid specific AI behavior problems.


As such your mission was succesfull and no "point" was lost. 

I hope you are enjoying the rest of the features of the campaign. 



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