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SD-10 only Tracks for (exactly) 30 Seconds

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I have across a pattern of SD-10's not continuing to track their targets, despite all constraints being met, not a notch, plenty of energy, not a sudden rate defeat, and not gimbal limits. Exactly 30 seconds after launch, the missile just freezes in its heading and attitude, and just continues to fly straight (or in a very slight curve) into the ground. The thing I noticed, is that this happens exactly 30 seconds after the missile is launched. As far as I am aware, the SD-10 has a battery of 80 seconds, which should be ample for any engagement within its kinematic envelope. Also, this doesn't happen all the time, and occasionally there are hits in the 30-45 second window, but I have noticed specifically the locking up at the 30 second mark for a few times now. I am unsure how to directly replicate it, but all of the affected missiles were loft launched.


I have two MP track files both on the GS server which show this occur. You can notice that the missile stops tracking when the G load drops to 1.0 suddenly.


The first one, Track 1, has it occur to JF-17 Thunder (Preador) (+02:41:59) with the single missile that was fired at (+03:34:36) The missile comes down at the target, and at 30 seconds past launch, at exactly +03:35:06, the missile freezes and tracks straight. The target was dropping chaff, however the missile didn't even go for the chaff, but instead just froze up. Additionally, the missile still had plenty of energy(M2.26) for a maneuver 


The second track, Track 2, has it occur to JF-17 Thunder (Preador) (+01:06:56) with missile (+01:29:16).

The missile stops tracking at 01:29:46, despite the target not notching (had only barely started turning at that moment) or dropping countermeasures. Had the missile kept tracking, it would be likely it would have been able to meet the turn and hit the target.



Let me know if this is just me being stupid or just insane luck, but I feel that I have noticed the number "30" a little too much when it comes to the SD-10 losing its target. If I capture any more instances, I will be sure to upload them here.


Links to GS tacviews:

Track 1: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ABq7koS-KQ2IsQg&cid=CA7A140D06B78FB9&id=CA7A140D06B78FB9!1692&parId=CA7A140D06B78FB9!104&o=OneUp

Track 2: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ABq7koS-KQ2IsQg&cid=CA7A140D06B78FB9&id=CA7A140D06B78FB9!1704&parId=CA7A140D06B78FB9!104&o=OneUp


When no longer hosted officially, I have mirrored them here as well:



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On 3/29/2021 at 8:15 AM, Preador said:

Nighthawk, I haven't been able to replicate this in SP. Albeit, my testing hasn't been too thorough.

If it happens in MP, I would not give it much thought: DCS has some issues in MP.

Cmptohocah=CMPTOHOCAH 😉

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