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I could use some SIM Cockpit advice

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I am looking to buy one of those sim cockpits that consist of a chair and mounts for my flight controls. I also race in iracing so I am looking for something  that Can mount a steering wheel as well that is under 1k that can do both flight and racing sims. I don't the cockpits that come with the screen mounts since I will never be adding on monitors, I'm 100% vr.  Anyways, I could really use some advice on a quality brand that wont put me over 1k that can handle flying and racing and preferably have a keyboard mount as well. Thanks!

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1K? Dollars (US - CAN - AUS?) or Euro? Tbh, that is a realy difficult task. AFAIK, the high quality SimRigs are mostly above 1K. I for myself use this one, but yet alone the standard config (Simracing) is 1050€ (with artificial leather its a bit cheaper) incl. VAT, shipping is another 80€ but i could pick it up as there is a local simracing store that offers them just a 10 minute drive from my home. Is made in europe, so Dollars are propably a bit more due to shipping and the additional flight sim mounts are another 250€. Quality is outstanding:



Take a look at Monstertech. I know those are even more expensive, but just to get an idea of a DIY solution. The ITEM notch 8 aluminium profiles used by Monstertech are easy to get and easy to put together. Just look what you need and build one of your own. Those profiles can be ordered in specific length (over here from 40mm to 6000mm), just tell them what you need and you will propably end up with 1/2 the price (when choosing black profiles) or even less (when choosing silver profiles).


And an example of an online shop that offers these profiles (not sure where you are, but those profiles should be available worldwide):




Good luck

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I use a modified PlaySeat Flightseat. They're about $500 last I looked, and have attachments for both sides and the center (no pedal or monitor mounts, though). I welded my own platform on the front for my stick to bolt to, but otherwise, you can adjust the sides forward/backward and height, the center mount can be lowered for a stick or raised for a steering wheel (no longer an option on mine).

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