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ZSU-57-2 won't shoot at immortal Predator

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I think I've stubled upon a bug.  I've created a mission on the Syria map where I want a predator to draw fire from AAA without being shot down.  I have a mixture of rapiers, ZSU-57s and 8.8cm Flak on the ground.


If I leave the drone without an immortal setting, all the ground units will fire on it.

If I put immortal(on), either as a waypoint action or a called action, the ZSUs stop firing at it.  The rapiers and Flak still fire at it though.





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as far as I am aware if it is set to immortal the AI would just be wasting ammunition. 


can you add a short track replay so I can check it 


We do have a new feature in progress that would allow a barrage of fire which may help but I have no time frame currently. 




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