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NO bugs nor problems since going most recent Open Beta

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I've got just enough coding savvy to know it's probable that my recent (big stride) upgrade of World 2.5 to OpenBeta is the reason for this, but the improvements to the flight performance of the Huey are fantastic. Seriously, while I am working with a very aged Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stick, I'd regretted having bought this module. The guru-caliber suggestion of Bignewy definitely was worth all effort; the improvements dedicated to this module actually make the Huey a pleasure to fly, despite the slop in the stick.

ALSO improved, if not just repaired, is the camera performance for each door gunner, which previously made them essentially unusable....... the camera invariably getting gimbal lock.

Just sayin'...... thanks for the attention to this aircraft, also looking VERY forward to access to its Apache kinfolk.

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