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Bridges Added To Static Objects

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That's probably because bridges usually bridge a road or railway, and therefore are already on the map (in other words: placing a bridge without placing a road or railway makes little map-contextual sense except placing a target - which by no means is a bad thing, just an inconsistency). I think what you really might be looking for is not so much an ability to place a bridge but that it can be destroyed (already present) and that destruction of said object be detected by a mission condition. The last part is currently a glaring hole in ME. Currently, you can only detect destruction of a scenery object by using MIST or some other third-party tools. I hope ED remedies this, as static objects are indeed first-order strategic objects in any conflict. 


That being said, yes, Bridges, Dams, and Runways (and other large flat objects) would make excellent addition to the static / destructible & detectable set 🙂


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