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I cannot get AOCS to read the mission briefing in SNGL mode, it only works in NORM mode, is this a bug?


The screenshot shows "TX1 | SEL/AUTO: [ AOCS ] , [ Read Mission Briefing ]" as the last call at the top, so it knows what it should be doing. But nothing was read out loud, in the bottom half of the screen (last 8 lines) I was testing with NORM which did read it out loud.


The log reads from oldest entry at bottom to newest at top.


I need to use SNGL only as I prefer to use normal DCS mic buttons to select radios and have the DCS comms menu open at the same time so I can see what things I can say (at least while I am learning both DCS & VAICOM)



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Not sure about AOCS, but you can have the menu up in NORM mode as well. On the Vaicom config > Preferences tab don't check Disable Menus. This should mean the menus appear when you press the PTT buttons

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