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Training missile record a plausible hit

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More and more are enjoying training with a squadron.

Me, well, I want to get into that space somehow.


Have loved playing the ACM campaigns for Nevada.


Doing this with squad mates will result in shooting someone down. And yes, the use of immortal and trigger for hit, and the automatic release of smoke is a workaround for sure.

The only reason to mount a tracking pod on the outer most pylon is for authenticity. Could it have a function? When you have mounted your CAP 9M or what have you, in conjunction with the tracking pod, it will in some way register when you "lock" a target with its seekerhead and "trigger down", "release" happens an invisible missile does ALL what a normal 9M would do, BUT no impact and no visual cue to it happening. Then it can determine a virtual hit or not and record it somewhere. Maybe even read up a callsign and you are dead, or bordnumber and you are dead. Have a reset lives option in the radio menu and restart.


That way all fly out, and all fly back.


And seeing that we are now getting more training bombs in blue colour. Can we please have that for ALL aircraft. Kind of thought that a MK82 bomb was an "object" not a per aircraft module. We have blue dud bombs for Fa18, but can not mount them on all aircraft that have the MK82 available. Seems strange to me.

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Yep, should've been done with the NTTR map itself years ago to make realistic training possible.

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Was just reading through Bunyaps F-16 Red Flag Campaign guide    (first link, "Kill Removal and Regeneration" feature), which describes exactly this. And i really wished the damn TCTS pod would just work and wasn't just some aesthetics item.

No need for scripts that might break, no wonky immersion breaking workarounds - a working, fully simulated TCTS system. Would love that!


Spending lots of time on NTTR enjoying blue bombs 😄 More of these too please!

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I've also wanted this for a long time. Would be a nice feature. The AI also needs a training task where it will engage other aircraft but not shoot. That could also be useful for combat situations (ie maneuvering before cleared to fire).


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