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Laser won’t come out of safe mode

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Are you arming the laser, pickle, firing the laser, splash, turning off the laser, safe and come around to do it again?  Knowing your procedure or track file will help troubleshooting 


I'm from this school:

Do revolvers have safety? - Quora


So, I safe my laser after I'm done 😄 ... 


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On 3/27/2021 at 1:12 AM, netizensmith said:

As title. Normally works fine but just now, after dropping first bomb I was unable to take the laser out of safe any idea where I might have messed up? Thanks.

The TPOD laser shouldn't switch to safe after dropping a bomb. But you may have to press FIRE again to arm it. It will be boxed. Are you doing something after you drop a bomb like the previous poster asked?


Review of TPOD startup:


I'm not sure these are the culprits. But do you have the DMT switch on and the FLIR switch on that's near the NAV alignment knob in front of the flight stick?


Are you seeing F-NOTRDY on the TPOD screen? Wait 3 minutes for TPOD cooldown.(warmup)


To enter TPOD mode from the main AMPCD, you press TPOD, then STBY on the right.


Then press the SAFE button to switch to ARMED. Press TRAIN to switch to LASR. Then FIRE. FIRE will be boxed when active.


I've made mistakes in the past with the TPOD pressed on the AMPCD without pressing the STANDBY button. It won't switch to Arm until the TPOD is up(pressing the STANDBY button). 


Also check A/G mode and Master Arm ON.


You can review Chuck's guide page 170 and 171 for step by step with pictures



https://www.mudspike.com/wp-content/uploads/guides/DCS AV-8B Harrier Guide.pdf




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Thanks for the replies. Everything was set up as it should be. TPOD was active (live video feeds working). I could change the laser type e.g. training, safe, laser etc. It had a laser code of 1688 set. The only issue was that it would not come out of safe mode. I use the drop bomb, then fire laser, wait for impact, stop firing laser method. I was in a fairly dangerous zone so I wonder if my pod had been hit. I don't *think* I was warned of any damage but that doesn't mean I wasn't hit. Oh well, if it happens again I'll save the track.

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