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High buildings at Beirut

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I just observed, that US-Tanker planes cannot takeoff on Beirut RWY 35 without crashing at the building at the end of the runway. (tried 10 planes, all scraped the building.

In google earth this building looks like a 2 floor building at most.

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edit: I reduced the fuel of the tanker to 95% and now they just clear the building by 10ft or so




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Interestingly, it looks like the end of 17 is sloped up and the freeway there is lower than the field, but I agree there isnt a building that high there per this video. This has previously been reported as a bug as that building gets in the way of the glidescope on a 17 arrival. : 


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Just as an FYI, being Lebanese living in Beirut I can chime in a few words here. Yes I do agree this needs to be fixed, but just as an FYI:


1. Over 95% of the takeoffs and landings happen from the north towards the south, due to prevailing winds.

2.  RWY 17/35 is pretty much never used.  16/34 is used for landing (mainly 16), while 21/03 (mainly 21) is used for takeoffs.

2. When and >IF< prevailing winds are from the north, takeoffs only happen on RWY 34, while landings happen on 03.



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