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Hi guys
I am looking for a way to turn the smokewinder on and off on an ai aircraft with LUA script. Something like this:




Does anyone know a way? In the advanced waypoint actions under execute command this is possible. However, this is not sufficient for my application.


Thanks for help.

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Here is the corresponding LAU code if anyone can use it.


Variant 1:

if Unit.getByName('UnitName') then trigger.action.ctfColorTag('UnitName', Color) --Disable:0, Green:1, Red:2, Whit:3, Orange:4, Blue:5


Variant 2:

local gp = Group.getByName('GroupName')
if gp:getSize() > 0 then
local SMOKE_ON_OFF= {
    id = 'SMOKE_ON_OFF',
    params = {
      value = false


In my opinion, variant 2 looks better. However, this requires that smokewinder are mounted on the aircraft.

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