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Would it be possible for the ED devs to work with substance painter to make a way to import and paint the EDM file format within substance painter. It would make the paint process alot easier and allows for easy oil stains and other fancy textures. It also mitigates the issue of seams as substance painter allows to paint in 3d and would cut the time painting by so much. I would like to attempt some of the more complex hind skins when the template is released and the seams will probably kill me so this would be a much appreciated feature



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I don't know what substance painter is. But Have seen some nice easy 3D painting tools INGAME with the car racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2. You could look at the 3D model in game and paint your heart out and drive around with it.

And maybe then it would be easier for the devs to produce official paint jobs for more aircrafts and more countries. There is a lot of potential here.

And perhaps make it so that in multiplayer that your paint job is transferred so all can see the paint job for your virtual squadron without having to faff with them going to download it manually.


I know we as users of DCS come up with demanding dev requests. It does not change the fact that many of these outlandish wishes of ours are anchored in the ease of use or betterment of the product we love and poor money into.


I support this idea of yours Scoobyon.

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