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Trim Position Showing Incorrectly on Control Indicator

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Both the F/A-18 and F-16C have a little diamond in the center of the Control Indicator (R-Ctrl-Enter) indicating what I believe is the current trim settings of the aircraft (Roll & Pitch). I understand that both these aircraft are fly-by-wire and I thought that the Control Indicator would react the same way. What I am seeing is the Trim Diamond in the F-16C moves in response to the trim controls (Pitch & Roll). The F/A-18C is different, I see no moment from the diamond at all but a little tick mark on Control Indicator axis appears to move even though the Trim Diamond remains motionless to any trim response. Is this the way it is supposed to work or is the Trim Diamond supposed to move?


I am aware that there is an outer diamond around the Trim Position that shows the stick position and that moves correctly to stick moments. I'm looking at the inner diamond.


Sorry for the lengthy question.


P.S. See page 26 of the DCS FA-18C Early Access Manual: It's call the Trim Tab Position and on Page 17 of the DCS F-16C Early Access Manual it's called Trim Position





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