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Repair does not seem to work correctly

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I got battle damage from guns. I landed, shut down, set park brake and had the chocks placed, then requested a repair. After the wait, my jet goes up in the air and the ground crew says "Hey what are you doing." The repair happens. Then when the jet settles, I get "Hey what are you doing." again. When I start the jet and request rearm refuel, my fuel went up to over 28000lbs. The FCS felt off. When I returned to the carrier for a case 1 approach. I descended to 2000ft and when I leveled off the aircraft went into this wild pitching up and down between 10 and -15 degrees.  Same thing happened on my commence. I flew a long straight in as a result, did not trust overhead break.  I could not set on speed AOA and anything above 130 knot approximated cause a huge pitch up. I had to reduce below that just to lose altitude.


My left DDI said L and R fuel hot or something like that.  I have the track file, but it was a 2.5hr flight.

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welcome to the forum. 


We can try the track replay if you use a cloud link, it may not play back correctly but I am happy to try. 

But please note I can not test with unofficial mods. 


I will ask the testing team to watch out for it also, see if they come across it happening. 


thank you 


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