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AI sams refuse to engage targets when they are close to each other.

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AI sams refuse to engage targets when they are close to each other. they will rapidly switch targets so they don't have time to fire.


if a single plane approaches, it works fine, if more than one does, it does not.

i have reproduced this from a few meters apart, to 20 miles apart.


skill changes nothing, time of day changes nothing.


If you add a second FCR to the SA-2 setup, it will split the targets and fire. if a third plane is added, both firecontrol radars will keep switching and not fire.
this further reinforces the theory that at the moment, SAMS are bugged so that their FCR can't make up their mind if there is more than 1 target to choose from


update: Adding a second FCR does not fix this issue


in short: if there are more than one targets for a sam to choose from in reasonable proximity (20nm ish). the radar cannot make up it's mind, and won't fire. so all sams that require FCR guidance (SA-2, 3, and 6) are broken and do not work. the SA-8 is an exception.


reproduced on SA-2, SA-6, SA-3.

Link to video evidence:

1 plane one FCR.trk 2 planes one FCR.trk

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thank you for the tracks, this is fixed in 2.7 now planned for the 7th of April




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