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[v.2.5.6] DCS - KC-135 Engine Sound uses A10 Fan Sound

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Hi Guys,


So I just have been watching and listening the sounds of the USAF KC-135 Tanker in DCS via mission creator and found out that this big boy uses the generic A10 fan sound that is under file - EngineTF34GE100Fan - now as per below few videos on take offs of KC-135 you can hear that  type of engines that are installed on those Tankers are CFM56 -2 High Bypass Turbofans before they had the PW now the ones we got they do generate rumble but is not as loud as it is in our SIM (DCS) and is quite different, I understand that making sounds only for this plane is not best strategy and there are things more important that require attentions, but fixing the one we got is a must specially is a simple fix!


So to make this more authentic I would advise an change very quick is that simply via whatever new coding is by adding or removing few lines of script, as before it was via sdef or perhaps is on core level, simply not allowing the specific aircraft in this case KC135 not  use that audio track such as EngineTF34GE100Fan, this way the KC135 will sound more realistic as the rest of audio is just spot on. See below ref video of take off  KC135 same as in DCS.


As in DCS its just sounds so … I had to remove it from my mission as the sound just kills the immersion and I'm trying to make a video like in real life of normal day in USAF Base. Soon on my YouTube but only after we get this one sorted -.-''


Start-up and taxing 



KC135 Take-off 





Thanks and hope to see some feedback and fix in very near future so at least we can enjoy to watch and listen this big places in our loved SIM !




Obvious F-16 C/D/A and B (MLU ver.)

The Tornado F3/ GR4

The EuroFighter Typhoon


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Thanks for your report. You are definitely right. But it's not good just to remove FAN sound from it. We need to create the separate sounder for the CFM56 engine. I'll take care of it

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Best regards,

Kanstantsin Kuzniatsou (btd)

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