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ATFLIR offset cursor bug

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There's a contradiction between the real life offset use, and the way it is implemented in DCS at the moment (I chose to report this ahead of time, after watching the ATFLIR video made by Wags). I can't say anything about the LITENING pod, but as far as ATFLIR goes, this is how the offset function works:



Using offset does not move the cursor independently. The cursor will remain in the center of the display. Slewing the cursor does move the pod, while it tries to keeps track of the original object (in the brackets). The end result is: you should be able to track object A while lasing\targeting object B.


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I honestly don't understand how the current mechanic of the AUTO/PTRK of the ATFLIR/LIGHTNING can be some thing that the pilots can work with... It's makes it incredibly hard and not intuitive to lock a moving target...

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