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AV-8B N/A Harrier & Story Driven Missions - Persian Gulf & Syria - Carrier

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Hi all, just wanted to throw it out there for anyone looking for a Harrier Mission.  It's not very long - Day time flight, Ground targets, and the possibility of air-to-air engagement, air-to-air refueling and carrier landing. 


There are some triggers, player controlled AI activation for air support, custom kneeboards and voiced over events.  


My first time building a mission so open to feedback from the community. 🙂



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A few additional missions I've made based on a storyline with some real world events and fictional elements to make things interesting.  Would appreciate feedback.





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Thank you for the great missions,

I played Batltle for Beirut: great, however I had to find a work around the onbligation to refuel as I do not manage this yet. A "cheat" would be welcome

The river run is a problem: the first target is hidden by foliage , and rockets do not track. (lasing is on, TPOD is on, right code 1688 and tpod pointing at waypoint 2) : do you have any clue?

NB: running 2.7 latest

Many thanks



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I still haven’t gotten around to learning the Harrier yet, but when I do I look forward to trying out your missions—they look great, thanks for the work you’ve put into these.

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