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Now, this makes perfect sense 👍

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I have covered this before:



But kudos to Phil for making a nice comprehensible vid about the matter.


Ultimately we go about it slightly differently but the end goal is the same, to try and give you a physical stick displacement to critical AoA that is analogous to the real thing.


The benefit to my method is that you do not lose any of the elevator travel incumbent to reducing Y-saturation and with virtually no curve on the gradient the pull is linear so will feel progressive, but horses for courses. 

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One method, though it may be considered a cheat by the purists, but IMHO is no more of a cheat than curves or other methods.


For sticks where the software is capable of implemetning it or using free joystick software like joystick gremlin (I think) is to map a button that reduces the sensitivity of the pitch axis (and anything else you want).


It can be programmed in TARGET, using the Editor, or VKB_Dev_Config where the range of the virtual throw can be reduced but the physical throw remains the same, this decreases the sensitivity meaning you can move the physical stick more in relation to elevator movement.


Using that method means it's a lot easier to fly during normal flight but can give full throw for dogfighting etc: at the touch of a button. Virpil software probably has something too but as I don't have any Virpil devices I don't know

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