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Not sure if anyone else has used this tool, but personally it saved a lot of headache and general faffing. Works fantastically well for me on both Warthog and CM3 throttles. So, thanks and respect to both JC and Bailey (and those I may have missed) for their work!!





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10900K O/C 5.2GHz | Maximus Hero XII | EVGA 3090 FTW Ultra | 64GB DDR4 3600 | DCS on 2TB NVMe | WarBRD+Warthog Stick | CM3 | TM TPR's | Reverb G2

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yep really nice tool

SYSTEM SPECS: Hardware Intel Corei7-9700K @ 5.1 GHz, 32Gb RAM, EVGA 3090 XC3, Dell S2716DG, Thrustmaster Warthog + MFG Crosswinds V2, HP Reverb G2 @ 2836 x 2768
SOFTWARE: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64, VoiceAttack & VIACOM PRO, TacView

VR Stuff:   My Settings for 3090 and G2  My Settings for 1080ti  Shaders MOD for VR  My variant of Kegetys mod with clear water and also IC PASS for current beta & stable, Patch Status



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Interesting.  I just tried it with the Hornet and my Winwing throttle, and it produces a straighter curve than I had previously, and my old AB point was three digits off.
Seems to work pretty well.

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Systems: Falcon NW Talon: Ryzen 9 5950X @4.9GHz, 64GB DDR4, RTX 3090 FE; Falcon NW Mach V: Core i7 3930K @3.2GHz, 32GB DDR3, GTX 1080 FE

Cockpit: MonsterTech MTX F, 42" 4K TV, HP Reverb G2, Oculus Rift S, PointCTRL

Controls: RS F16SGRH CE, RS F18CGRH, VPC T-50CM2, VFX, WarBRD (Grips); VPC T-50CM2, RS FSSB R3L (Bases); Winwing F/A-18C, VPC T-50CM3, VPC T-50CM, TM Warthog, Cougar (Throttles); VPC ACE2 (Rudders)


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