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DCS-BIOS HUB v0.10.0 modified lua and json


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Hi guys


A big problem just opened up for me.

I have used a modified AJS37.lua for a couple of years to suit my panel setup.

Yesterday I changed order of a couple of things in the .lua. But I run DCS-Bios hub v0.8.45 and the control reference doesn’t show the complete integerbuffer so I can’t compile my sketches.

So I installed v0.10.0, but then I’m supposed to install plugins? I don’t have DCS installed on the computer that I use for arduino programming and the plugin option doesn’t show in the web interface.


So the big question is:

How can I use my lua and json in v.0.10.0??

Just putting the files in the usual folders won’t do any good. Putting the json in “appdata/roaming” doesn’t help either.


Please enlighten me!



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