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Streaming Settings with the Reverb G2 with OBS/Streamlabs. Everyone post your config/scenes/transforms. Trying to gather input on the best practices for new G2 streamers..

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Hello all,


I'm trying to improve the viewer quality of people watching on standard 16:9 displays for when I fly in VR using the HP Reverb G2.  There are many options such as the OpenVR Capture Source for OBS and the Game Capture as well as Mirroring the Steam Mirror.exe or WMR Display Output.  With so many options it's hard to find a combination of high res, smooth and correct size.  Also, we still have yet to see an Image Stabilization for VR similar to Oculus for the WMR platform...


Today Mine is setup using Game Capture source in OBS, to capture the DCS.exe Window on the desktop, then I use a transform to take the center portion at the 16:9 aspect within a bounding box and allow that to cover the entire canvas of my OBS.  Below are my screenshots, please share yours!






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9900KS @ 5.2, EVGA FTW3 3090. 32GB of DDR3866, 3x 1TB ADATA NVME, HP Reverb G2, Virpil Alpha, Virpil Throttle v3, Monolith External Amp, Philips X2HR Headphones, TrackIR v5

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