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Why are integrity checks so delayed sometimes?


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I'm a little frustrated with the fact that sometimes the IC check happens like 30-40 minutes after I'm into a server, doing things and close to my briefed objective.  Had a flight I was streaming with my dad (takes a long time to get him setup via discord etc.. hes 79 years old) and it was ruined by an IC check from a skin mod (apparently it had a modified rust texture).


  1. Why is the IC Check so delayed sometimes?
  2. Can I manually execute an IC check before flying. on this particular flight I had a GREEN SHIELD before logging into Hoggit..
  3. Is there a console or other command for me to run once i'm on the server as a part of my startup procedure to ENSURE I pass IC check so I dont waste time starting a jet and flying around before being punted..


I like sharing my flight time on saturday mornings with my dad, but stuff like this really puts a bummer on that special hour each week.  Sometimes I feel like with DCS VR Streaming, I have to sacrifice 5 goats in a perfect procedural order just to get the damned thing to load.

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If it's not a public server, disable the IC check.  It's not possible to IC-check every single file, that would take too long - without getting too deep into the technical details, you have to read every byte of a file to create a proper hash that can be used for checking.


The other option, remove all mods and run repair.

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