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Talking to AI ewr/jtac.


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Something I really miss in the Huey is the ability to talk to "jtac" and "ewr/awacs" unit's in the radio menu.

For the Hind this feels like a must have sice it's a attack helo and will (from what I understand) get the R60.


But I guess the jtac would require a big rework of the core mechanic/communication so maybe something for the future?


Just my two cents...

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There is a helicopter that can contact AWACS
The Sa 342 Gazelle Mistral
In other helicopters (Aside from the Ka-50) the AWACS menu is replaced by the troop transport menu (F7 key), so you'd have to choose if you want AWACS or troops, since the Mi-24 has a troop compartment


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