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Harrier Cold Start Broken since March 5 update

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Unable to generate RPMs in cold start on airfield or LHD. Tested in both Multiplayer and single player. 


Engine spools during normal startup process, but RPMs never appear. 


Strangely, the workaround is using autostart (which uses the same procedures that don't work when manually completed). Autostart is not allowed on The War Server, so my plane is out until the bug is fixed. 


Don't have a track file on hand on my phone, but I'll hop back on later and add it. 

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i had the same problem.

reason was a windows update that somehow broke my HOTAS calibration.

(throttle just wouldnt go lower than idle)

after recalibration i had no further problems.

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As wisky said, you might need to change your throttle saturation in Axis tune. Happened to me when i switched sticks, i now have to have saturation at about 85.

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This happened to me today but the above fixes aren't working.  Last night everything was fine.  Tried to cold start this morning and the engine won't crank when the start switch is flipped.  APU starts  normally.


I recalibrated my throttle (Virpil), reduced the X and Y saturation to 90% then and again at 80%, tried another module and the throttle is working fine. I restarted Windows with no change.


I hear the sound of the engine but the engine monitor shows 000 rpm.


I also started the mission hot start on the ramp.  Engine works fine.


THEN, I noticed that I could not shut off the engine with the throttle cutoff lever and I could move the throttle lever through it's full range regardless of which position the throttle cutoff lever was in. I don't have the cutoff lever mapped and I don't have any other mappings on the throttle lever beyond the axis.

AV8B No start.trk AV8B No cutoff.trk

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added details and track files
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its your setup.  try setting back to 100%, redo virpil config and windows config.  Either that or your mapping is off.  to go from idle to off you can see the lever sticking out of the throttle.  I have virpil and usually have to go from idle to off to get engine spooling then push up to idle

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Hmmm... well, I did calibrate several times already and I did it again before responding just to make sure..  I also double checked my keybindings and axis bindings with no conflicts.


It does sound like a setup issue though.


I messed around with it some more and found out I am spawning in with the throttle out of the stop detent.  If I spawn in, push the throttle forward against the parking brake stop, then flip the cutoff switch the throttle then jumps back into the cutoff position and I can start normally.  If I spawn in and just try to flip the cutoff switch nothing happens.  I have to push the throttle forward and then flip the cutoff lever to get the throttle to got into the cutoff position. 

20 hours ago, ddwg72 said:

I have virpil and usually have to go from idle to off to get engine spooling then push up to idle


I guess this is what you are saying too.


Thanks for the help.

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