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13 hours ago, Mizzy said:

How do I add voice files to mission design? I am thick by the way.


First, you need to create a Script with the exact text you want the file to have. For example, let's say that at the proper moment I want to ask the player to request permission to Taxi, the text would be:


"Now that we have the Radio properly tuned, contact Anapa ATC by pressing the HOTAS PTT button or the [Rctl + \] key.

Select F1: Request Taxi to Runway.


Press [Spacebar] once ATC has responded."


I will display the text with a MESSAGE TO ALL trigger action.


Now you need a voice file with that text, you have two options:


1) record it yourself using a Microphone and sound recording software, for example Audacity.


or 2) use a text to speech software ... as my spoken english is pretty poor, I use this option for my missions. A free website is https://ttsmp3.com/


Finally, for DCS the sound file should be in OGG format. If your file is in another format, you can convert it for free on https://www.online-convert.com/


Once you have the sound file, you trigger it with the SOUND TO ALL trigger action. For Multiplayer misions you can use the MESSAGE TO GROUP or MESSAGE TO COALITION instead.


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