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A10C CMS keybinds and different behaviour with new update (DCS


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With the new update the functionality of the CMS keybindings in A10C appears to have changed.


As of DCS

CMS Z axis now runs the selected CMS programme

CMS UP = 1 Flare

CMS DOWN = 1 Chaff

CMS Left = 6 Flares

CMS Right = 6 Chaff


This doesn't match with the manual and what it was doing yesterday before the update

CMS Z used to activate the ECM pod

CMS Up used to run the selected program

CMS Down used to stop the selected program

CMS Left/Right used to cycle between programs


Have tried to reinstall the A10C module and repair game files (both repair options) with no success. I have no modifications.


Can't find any changes on the latest changelog for A10C.


How do I activate the ECM pod now?



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I have the same issue as keks166. Functionality of CMS switch has changed since latest update of stable.

Functions are now as stated above by keks166.

I also have no mods.



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Posted (edited)

Just had a look in the A10C II user manual and I guess this is the new functionality.


FYI: Can keybind CMSP Next Up Roary and CMSP Next Down Rotary to cycle through the programs quickly

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I know there has been no DCS update since this was reported, but the A-10C manual still has the outdated CMS description and should be updated to match the new functionality of the CMS switch.

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On 4/13/2021 at 4:45 AM, Yurgon said:

I know there has been no DCS update since this was reported [...]


... there has been now, but the manual has not been updated at all with the initial 2.7 OpenBeta, so the problem remains.

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Is this CMS button switch mapping change to match the A-10 C II going to stay like this on the A-10 C?

Just curious to know if this was the actual behavior of the CMS switch on real A-10 C?

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