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F 14 or f16 only can get one

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I watch a lot of videos about dcs on bvr so I know what I’m doing 

and I’m only maybe like 1 and a half month in dcs 

which one should I get


#1 i want something that can bvr 

#2 which one is easier to fly and learn ?

#3 which one would you get in my shoes?

#4 which one is more fun to play?



ps why when I buy something from there website (E.D) it won’t go through. They say


This is a problem somewhere between us. Your bank has already taken your funds. Our bank has not yet received them. Sometimes the payment is delayed in time (up to three days). Please wait a while. Provide us with a screenshot of the transaction (pdf). We will control your order.


where can I find the transaction pdf ? What is that?

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14 minutes ago, razo+r said:

You posted it in the F-14 section, might as well go with that one 😛


Anyway, F-14. F-16 is still years away from being complete.

F-14 is more complete than F-16, but both are still highly playable.  Tomcat is harder to fly well, but easier to learn the cockpit.  Get the one that looks like the most fun to you.

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F-14 for sure.  Much more range and raw speed and naval ops. 

Specs & Wishlist:


Core i9 9900k 5.0Ghz, Asus ROG Maximus Xi Hero, 32GB G.Skill Trident 3200, Asus RoG Strix 2070 OC, 1TB x Samsung Evo 970 M.2 boot. Samsung Evo 860 storage, Coolermaster H500M, ML360R AIO


Samsung Odyssey+ WMR; VKB Gunfighter 2, MCG Pro; Virpil T-50CM v3; Slaw RX Viper v2


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I have them both. My personal choice between the two is that I would be happier in hindsight spending my money on the F16 if I could only have one. Both have pros and cons. I am sure regardless you will be happy with either one. They are a generation apart when it comes to the systems and technology so it depends what you expect from the airframe.

Here is the real caveat when filling in your dream sheet: PICK THE MISSION NOT THE AIRCRAFT.

So - what do you want to do in the thing is how you should pick.

Good luck - and happy flying!

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I only fly Tomcats so take my perspective as one sided...


1. F-14 can BVR. You are gonna be limited to older tech, so if you wanna just casually PvP with folks in the latest shiny stuff that might be frustrating? If you wanna do historical-ish scenarios then you will find that the F-14 is a beast!

2. F-14 consensus is that it is more of demanding learning curve, and requires proper stick and rudder skills. If that sounds fun, you will be rewarded, but will really require an investment in time and good HOTAS.

3. I think folks might have to know more about your shoes! The F14 has a special place in my heart personally, and to really enjoy DCS you really need to love the plane you invest in.

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SIM : DCS || Star Wars Squadrons || Rise of Flight || IL2 Battle of Stalingrad || Elite Dangerous || Star Citizen

DCS: Textures & Terrain High, Water & Vis Medium, Heat Blur Low, Shadows Medium, MSAA 2x, DoF OFF, Lens Flare Only, Motion Blur Off, SSAA & SSLR Off, Clutter 170, Trees 66%, Smoke 0, Anisotropic 2x, Terrain Shadows Flat, Cockpit Global Illumination On

PIT : VKB Gunfighter base + VKB F14 grip || VKB Kosima grip + Virpl TC50 CM3 throttle + Logitch G pedals + Pimax Leap Motion hand tracking + SimShaker feedback

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2 hours ago, DeathLight said:

where can I find the transaction pdf ? What is that?

You log in to your bank account, chose transaction history and there might be an option to see and save transaction proof. When in doubt contact support.

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*except your No. 2 point. The Viper basically flies itself (except taking off and landing in a strong crosswind), whereas the Tomcat needs some work (not that much, mind you)


Since you say you are rather new to DCS: the learning curve with the Tomcat will be steeper compared to the Viper or Hornet. However, IMO, it'll be a lot easier to transition to fly-by-wire aircraft from "analogue" platforms later on than the other way around (I'm sure there will be future DCS sales, where I'm sure you'll be tempted to buy more modules 😉 ). It will also help you tactically in the long run, because you will be required to build your SA and navigation skills "old school". 

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F-14 now, F-16 in 12 months.


I own both, F-14 is complete enough to enjoy and comes with missions and a couple of campaigns.

Very unique 2 seater and shared work (I always just play pilot).

Also great non fly by wire feel to fly.

Carrier ops is interesting. Missions aren't limited to naval and A2A.

F-16 needs another 12 months so while playable, consider it a tinker toy for now.

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