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F-14 Tomcat airframe livery 2021

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since the user file web site was updated , Doesn't go up to the top post when i update 


So I will keep posting up next f14 livery in the this forum 






F-14 Tomcat VF-31 Tomcatters 2006 "Christine"

Celebrating the last F-14D flight, this livery has been created with new textures and photoreal decals. The face of Tom Cruise was inserted into the pilot helmet to depict a human pilot.


The overall airframe represents a dirty f14 operating in the desert and the Middle East.









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23 hours ago, jocko417 said:



Thanks !!!!!!!


21 hours ago, garyscott said:

Love the dirtying, and tonal differences along the airframe. Excellent work.


look forward to my next livery 



11 hours ago, JumboJBT said:

Great job. Amazing textures. 

Looks like a texture is missing . 







fixed !!!!!! please re-download again 


I realized that Tomcat has a lantern  LOL 



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8 hours ago, Eight Ball said:

Gorgeous livery leethy!


Any reason why you've used .png instead of .dds for the diffuse?



your welcome 😁



PNG has no compression damage and has a light capacity 


dds has a somtime purple artificial 



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