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Finally able to host a multiplayer game

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Its been posted about in here a few times I see, but if you cant host a multiplayer game and you've tried forwarding all the relevant ports then ring your ISPs technical dept and ask them if they block those ports, if so get them opened. As soon as I did, 10 mins later I could host a multiplayer game that my mate could see in the servers and join. Previously my games couldn't be seen and if we tried joining by IP address it would say "server offline". We tried to connect via our mobile phones to take the modems out of the equation, but obviously our phone providers block those ports too!

Don't bother asking EDs technical support, because its not their problem apparently, which I find disappointing, they should know these things and it wouldn't be too hard to give all the relevant possible fixes and help grow the community, rather than have people lose interest in the game because they cant host a coop with a mate (the main reason for our purchases) instead having to play on someone else's server.

Their response to my cry for help, with the authors name left out for anonymity purposes ....


We are only technical support and help users with DCS technical problems (game crash, module authorization errors, etc)

Server configuration is an independent work of users."


So if you cant host a multiplayer and you have tried everything ask your ISP about blocked ports.


Borrowed from BIGNEWY's post - 


information about ports and protocols used for DCS world


DCS uses outgoing connections to


HTTP http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com:80


HTTPS http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com:443


XMPP master.eagle.ru:5222


For multiplayer game traffic DCS uses both TCP and UDP on port 10308


For Voice TCP and UDP on port 10309


webgui_port = 8088



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